Here are some sample testimonials from recent and past students.

  • *What a great job you did!  They just loved you! I really appreciate the fact that you are part of our program.  Thanks for all your hard work. RO
  • *Your classes are a great learning experience. You know your subject and care about your students. FP
  • *The course was incredible!  I learned more than I ever thought I would.
  • *Brian presents his information very well.
  • *I highly recommend this course. *I liked that Brian was willing and happy to answer questions; he was excited about the information.
  • *I would like to take more courses from Mr. Mickley. *Great instructor.
  • *When I started this class I assumed it would be a 1 credit hour hassle; however, I could not have been more wrong. The course was very beneficial and I recommend to any person. TS
  • *I am glad that I took this course because it has been the most important and applicable course I have taken thus far at Walsh University.
  • *I learned more useful knowledge in your class than in just about any other class I have taken. TS
  • *Professor Mickley has convinced me that Excel is a powerful and worthwhile tool! MR
  • *Honestly, before this class I thought I would be able to perform tasks on Excel with no problem. I now know how much I was lacking in my Excel skills. SS
  • *I truly felt that Mr. Mickley was very passionate about teaching us about excel and the many great uses it could offer us. It was a life changing experience.
  • *I also really enjoyed the life lessons we were taught by you. You really are a very motivational speaker.

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